Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lost in Space and Time

Decisive second round of presidential elections in Romania. Some TV stations has an all-day program covering the events - funny and sad, comical and tragic - with the indispensable talking heads, intellectuals analyzing. An economist - former minister of finance -, a historian - former minister of foreign affairs, - and a political scientist - not a former minister at all - shares their views on Romania. The country is seriously and dangerously divided, as the unexpectedly succesful mobilization shows. The political debate in the capmpaign was on superficial issues instead of programs. The Romanians are dependent on the state. Romania is situated as the last country in the EU in every respect. The governments of the last few years were irresponsible. The country is seen as similar to the Ukrain. (!) As if I would be in Hungary. Maybe some of the Hungarian intellectuals has lrearned Romanian and asked to participate in Romanian TV programs? I don't think so, it would be ruinous to they conviction that Hungary is alone as the only divided country with a population hoping for help from the state, with superficial debates, irresponsible governments and at the bottom of the EU.

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