Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The typical ECE blindness - Hungary, an "oasis of stability", according to a Romanian business newspaper.

It is really hard not to laugh loudly or weep equally strongly. Ziarul Financiar published an article on Hungary,praising the efforts of the government and even stating that now the country is the most stable in the region. The article is a kind of exemplary of almost everything I have complained at these pages: wishful thinking, promotion of particular interests camouflaged as general ones, posing as well-informed even if it is clear that there was no real inquiry about the facts and the use of non-existent examples from the not-so-beloved neighbours in internal fights.
At the moment Romania is in a political chaos (for foreigners with a modest and secure income it is just a tolerable place), and the business elite proposes solutions putting the whole burden of the crisis on the population, especially on the lower social groups, not accepting any kind of personal loss, moreover even striving for personal gains in the form of further tax cuts. As something similar happened in Hungary in the last few months it is an obvious choice for giving examples and that way the exaggeration - the most stable country etc. - is comprehensible. But there is almost nothing to support this claim, besides statements from the Hungarian government, what is a dubious proof anyway. (Which government facing financial hardships would eagerly admit that their efforts brought moderate results and the seemingly better situation compared to the one a year ago is more a result of the growing risk appetite of the "very efficient" markets than that of thier own efforts.) Moreover, even the mesures listed in the article as the causes of this sudden but well deserved change in Hungary's situation has not too much foundation. The Bajnai government is far from being a technocrat one (the Ziarul Financira obviously portrays it that way because the president, Basescu proposed a prime minister from the Romanian National Bank and this designated premier suggested that his government would have been a technocratic one...), the corporate taxes were not lowered, but slightly hiked. On the other hand a series of measures, however welcome by the Romanian business elite they would be, were not hepling the fiscal stabilization and even the claims attached to them and mentioned in the article - for example lower social contributions will help employers to keep their workforce - did not visibly brought the suggested result (look at the growing unemploymetn in Hungary that is only counterbalanced by government financed public work programs, and not the supposed positive effects of lower labor costs). Unfortunately, what Ziarul Financiar presents as an example to follow, a very desirable set of measures, even in the presented form, is nothing else then a receipe for making social divisions deeper, differences larger, redistributing welth from the botom to the top of the society.
And even the typical ECE negligence is not lacking from the text. Although Bucharest is not far from Budapest and ZF would be certainly capable to send somenone there and who could make a thorough eamination of the situation, hear different opinions etc., they rely on a short note of Bank of America Merril Lynch describing Hungary as the inevitable forerunner of the region! That's the part that makes me weep and laough simultaneously... That kind of pompous and carless behavior! What some guys far away say about a country after putting some basic data in their models is worth more attention, is a more thorough knowledge of the situation than the one someone from there, with some work could have synthetized. (Just beacuse these guys are sitting somewhere in the West in an office building? or because this case, exactly because of the lack of information an be portrayed as a desirable soultion - at least for a certain social group - for the problems at home?) Welcome to ECE...

(Well, shall I explicitly note that the respective article was already taken over by some Hungarian websites?)

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