Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm terribly sorry for having neglected my blog and therefore my readers as well, those who just stumbled upon it with a carelessly chosen phrase typed into Google and those who were returning regularly. Unfortunately I'm amidst of moving from Budapest to Bucharest for five months (more precisely: I have four and a half months left) and it consumed a lot of energy and time. I could also defend myself referring to the ever growing optimism in the world, hopes of a solid and sustained recovery flourishing everywhere making thoughts of crisis obsolete, but it wouldn't be honest. I was lazy and I can only promise resuming blogging in the nearest future. Maybe this unintended break will turn out to be useful as I was planning to write about German elections, but it would be even more interesting to include the results of the coalition negotiations. Of course there will be something on the political manouevering in Romania as well.

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  1. optimism regarding the recovery? not in Romania