Friday, July 24, 2009

Rule of Law?

In the last post I've mentioned the efforts of the Romanian government to reduce budget spending, besides other attempts, in the judiciary system as well. Today the judegs fought back, or one can phrase it otherwise: the rule of law was upheld. The Court of Appeal in Bucureşti decided that the Ministry of Finance is obliged to pay for the judges of the Supreme Court every element of their payment as it was established by the respective law. Among others the 50% additional payments as special allowance for the stress, they should bear in the courtrooms. The decision is final and irrevocable, with no room left for further appeals.

The story is rather absurd, one can not easily dismiss the feeling that one court decided in favor of the other eying the implications of its decision regarding their own earnings. As the idea of not paying a decent sum for judges - in order not to make the common people furious about their income - instead disguise it with such rabulistic methods similarly belongs to the field of absurd. And at last there is the government's idea not to amend specifically the respective legal framework, instead implement a law on the budget, clearly contradicting the provisions of other legal acts in force, that way triggering an uncertainty in the structures of the state, it is also part of an absurd story. Not that it is really important, but maybe gives some insight into ECE's realities.

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