Saturday, April 25, 2009

Practical jokes of life - Retributions in Moldavia

In an earlier post I tried to express my views on the situation in Moldavia. Although the process of retributions and the consolidtaion of the situation of the present government continued, the news consisted some very peculiar information, some of it seemed as a farce of the political forces in power. The government, two or three days after the riots, announced that they arrested someone accused to be one of the organizers and initiators of the events. The published name was quite capable to reinforce every kind of suspicion regarding the government's intentions. Who would think that arresting a man called Johnattan Jerusalaim Netanyahu could be anything else than a preparation for a fake trial? Jews have an age old tradition in the area being scapegoats for every problem and this approach didn't lack from the practice of communist parties in the Stalinist era. But the tranquility of those, who thought of it only as a usual manipulation of the well known communists have been disturbed soon. The authorities revealed that the above mentioned American-Romanian citizen is nothing else then a priest of the Moldavian orthodox church. I could not have helped to laugh for a while...

(In some christian churches giving and using names from the Old Testament is a custom in order to express adherence to the real traditions of christianity.)

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